Veda’s December 4th 2022 Masterclass (8hrs)

By Veda Categories: Art, Health, Science, Spirituality
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Announcing my grand finale of 2022!

(This will be an adults only R18 zoom call due, to the nature of some of the subject matter)


I’ll share ALL my studies on water, including proof that water has an energetic state of health similar to human emotions. I’ll discuss how water flows through subtle realms and its connection with spirit and the Observer. I dive into the concept that water has a sovereign voice, and investigate water’s role in healing, manifestation, beauty, the fountain of youth, love, intimacy, dreams, out of body & near death experiences, ancestral information in amniotic fluid, spirit, holographic thoughts, DMT in the retina, bodily fluids, structured water, domesticated & wild water, how water has a language of symbols and much more! I’ll also give freezing demos with water, as well as egg albumen.


On each advanced workshop I invite people who are experts in their field to join me. This time, I have acclaimed water scientist, Dr. Gerald Pollack. He will explain the meaning of structured EZ water and how this type of water could be the medicine of the future. He shares why negative charge is so important for health, discusses water memory, the importance of light and how EZ water can become a solid at room temp.


I also have PhD Harvard graduate, Dr. Mauro Zappaterra coming on to discuss the cerebral spinal fluid (CFS). Dr. Zappaterra got his PhD studying neuronal stem cells and the effects of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in brain development and in adults. He will be discussing how CFS relates to kundalini, and will dive into the concept of the spinal fluid being a portal to cosmic consciousness.


Back by popular demand, I’ve also invited Vanese Mc Neill, director of the cult series, Magical Egypt. This time Vanese looks at some of the ancients’ greatest achievements, and directly answers the question: “How did they know how to do these these things?” According to Vanese, sexualizing energies have a lot to do with it! She will share discoveries from the series about Kundalini and Consciousness, as well as examples of how the sacred sciences of the Ancients have been used in modern history.


This event will be lengthy, so make sure you are comfy and hydrated as we dive deep into the depths of mysterious Water.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to apply Veda's freezing technique and see how water communicates with you
  • You can use this practically to prove that energy impacts water (e.g. vortexing machine or conscious expression/projection)
  • Veda with also teach you how to use this method for natural healing
  • If you are a natural healer (e.g. reiki) you will be able to prove using Veda's method that your energetic practice works
  • You will learn what structure water is from Dr. Gerald Pollack
  • You will learn what the ancient egyptians knew about consciousness
  • Dr. Zappaterra explains how the cerebral spinal fluid could be a portal to cosmic consciousness
  • You will learn about the sacred waters of the body and how to move them (kundalini/tantra)

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