Veda’s September 17th 2022 Masterclass

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You don’t have to have done the beginners workshop to join as I give a crystallographic demo in the beginning, and go through the process for all to learn from.

I’ll be giving a live crystallographic demo teaching my technique, and I’ll also teach you how to freeze egg albumen. I’ll discuss the dream world, spirit, the Observer and consciousness, and how water is the KEY to understanding these realms.

I’ll be diving into the subject of intimacy, orgasm, tantra, energy flow, and the significant role water plays in these fields.

What can egg white tell us about our true nature?
Is consciousness material?
The true power of thought.
How is the symbolic language of water similar to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs?
DMT and the retina.
Is water watching us?
How did water respond to the word Covid 19?
Liquid crystal and healing.
I’ll also get into some studies I’ve done about structured water, what works and what doesn’t?
What can bodily fluids such as urine and saliva teach us?
Also, be one of the first to see an amazing photo that solved a genuine mystery.

On each advanced workshop I invite someone who is an expert in their field to join me at the end, and I get to pick their brain… and so do you.
This time, my very special guest is Dr. Sharad Paul. Sharad is one of the worlds leading skin cancer specialists, an accomplished author and social entrepreneur. He was in TIME magazine noted as ‘The open hearted surgeon’. His TED talk enlightens us about the significant role that Vitamin D and folic acid has had on skin colour and human fertility. Plus, he explains what kind of dance can help prevent alzheimers and why. He will also talk about the genetics of health, and how ‘the lazy gene’ is a real thing. His perspectives on life are fascinating and we’ll be weaving water, hydration and skin health throughout our talk.

One of Veda’s most intriguing and inspiring interviews with Jen Isabel Friend is also included. I get asked almost everyday what kind of water I drink, what waters do I recommend for health and healing, what do I think of ionised water and what water restructuring devices actually work? There is a lot of territory to cover here which extends to water fasting, ice baths, shivambu, what water to drink for what ailment, healing with liquid crystal, water as a medicine and much more, which is why I’m dedicating over an hour to this topic. I have special guest Jen Isabel Friend on speaking about different types of water including Deuterium Depleted Water, Molecular Hydrogen and much more!


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